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Indoor Cat Interactive Ball Toy with Feather

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Indoor Cat Interactive Ball Toy with Feather

✓ Safe and High-Quality: Our cat fur toys are all handmade.All accessories are made of safe,non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.The wand is flexible,not easy to break,has a longer service life,and is more durable.Safe and healthy for the cat,you and your family.

  With Suction Cup: Long rod funny cat stick,powerful suction cup,hand-held self-hey dual-use,note: the link screw on the suction cup must be tightened when using it! If the screw is loose,the external gravity is concentrated on the exposed small section of the bolt,and the interface is easily damaged by external force.

 Durable: The carbon fiber rod is elastic and strong,bends continuously,does not deform,and can perform a lot of bounce and jump actions,making your cat more interesting and exercise.

  Size: Funny cat rod length 95cm,feather 10cm,suction cup diameter 7.5cm,light weight,multi-functional use,with suction cup and hand-held,free use,suction cup can be adsorbed anywhere,the wire elasticity is large and easy to swing,so that cat is not Then there is your physical work.

 Play With Your Cat: The length of the funny cat toy stick is just right for the cat to play by your side.When cats are behaving well,you can touch them in time.If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email, we will provide you with perfect after-sales service.


Product information:

Material: feathers, hardware accessories, suction cups, PVC rods, steel wires
Style: simple and stylish
Features: funny cat
Colour: Picture color

Packing list:

Funny cat stick*1

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