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EMS Massager Physical Therapy

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EMS Massager Physical Therapy


Relax and relieve all your muscle pain without drugs or expensive treatments

Tired of sore, aching and stiff muscles? It's time to relax and ease the excruciating pain you're suffering from. The EMS Massager Physical Therapy is a portable, hands-free deep-tissue massager that lets you relieve muscle pain and promote relaxation anytime, anywhere.


The EMS Massager Physical Therapy Muscle Pain Reliever will:

✔️ Use microcurrent for pain relief
✔️ Relax completely
✔️ Promotes blood circulation
✔️ Eases fatigue
✔️ Work hands-free on the go




Why do I need The EMS Massager Physical Therapy Muscle Pain Reliever?


Don't feel like lugging yourself to the massage therapist? With the Massagist Muscle Pain Reliever, you can get a deep tissue massage whenever and wherever you are. The product provides fast relief from pain in the neck, back, waist, hips and legs.




Product information:

Applicable parts : Neck, waist, hips, legs, back, feet
Massage contact : 2
Power supply mode : Battery
control mode : mechanical
Specifications : Battery, charging, remote control (contact customer service), patch (contact customer service)

Packing list: massager * 1

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